About ACT II

Academy of Community Theatre (ACT II)

The Academy of Community Theatre (ACT II) is a non-profit theatre designed to bring literature to life through wholesome, educational, high-quality productions. Plays are based upon literature to open the door for partnerships with local schools, especially Title 1 schools, where children experience high levels of poverty and may not otherwise have access to live theatre.

ACT II productions are performed at the Colorado Springs Ent Center for the Arts and appeal to a broad audience, including children, parents, singles, and seniors. Their productions offer opportunities for the community to enjoy live theatre together, creating memorable experiences and strengthening familial


Empowering young actors, enriching local schools, and uniting the community through exceptional, educational, and wholesome theatre experiences.

Our Core Values

  • Cultivating a nurturing environment conducive to the growth of actors and welcoming families of all ages.
  • Deliver exceptional, professional-level productions that exemplify the pinnacle of theatrical excellence.
  • Illuminate the pages of literature by breathing life into them through captivating mainstage performances tailored for local schools.
  • Ensure accessibility by keeping our productions financially accessible for both schools and the wider community.
  • Champion the transformative power of the arts to educate, instill character, and foster personal growth for both performers and audiences alike. 

Community Benefits

ACT II goes the extra mile to promote positive values and social cohesion.

ACT II’s wholesome acting theatre contributes to the cultural enrichment of the community by showcasing a diverse range of theatrical genres, themes, and artistic styles that foster an appreciation for the performing arts and build a sense of positivity and harmony for both the individual and society.

ACT II brings people together through the art of theatre to participate in and support ethical behavior, including honesty, integrity, and fairness. Their productions serve as a gathering place where community members can connect with one another, share common interests, and celebrate local talent.

Through inspiring narratives and uplifting performances, ACT II’s productions encourage audiences to reflect on important life lessons, cultivate empathy, and aspire to be their best selves.

The Academy of Community Theatre (ACT II) 

studio and offices are located at:

481 Windchime Place

Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Studio Phone: 719-331-2434

Director Phone: 719-282-9101

Email: [email protected]

Recent Showcases

We’re so proud of our Academy of Community Theatre performers! Here are just a few photos sharing what our shows are all about!